Infant Room

6 weeks to about 8 months

In the Infant Room, the teachers and parents will work together to develop a schedule that works best for each child. The babies enjoy swings, floor play, tummy time, and wagon rides inside the center and on the covered patio.

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for our infants that stimulate language development and healthy attachments.  With positive play and motor skills development, our babies begin to explore the world around them.

Noah's Ark also practices Safe Sleep, which gives parents peace of mind while their child is in our care.  For more information on our safe sleep practices,  please view our Parents Policy Manual.

Creeper Room

8 months to 17 months

Our "Creeper" Room is the transition room for our babies before they head to the toddler room.  In here, they get a "soft" introduction to our schedule.

The kids participate in activities that help cultivate crawling/walking and talking. Music time, bubbles, riding toys on the patio, swinging, and art time are some of the favorite activities for this age group.

They participate in a curriculum that is designed for their specific needs. They will start to learn colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.   We also introduce the babies to sign language in this classroom.


17 months to 24 months

In our toddler room,  the kids will learn and participate in activities that will help them complete fine motor skills.  Like holding crayons and paint brushes, using a fork and spoon, washing their hands and learning to drink from a regular cup versus a sippy cup. Our toddler teachers also introduce daily activities that will appeal to the senses.  Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste...all are explored in various ways so our toddlers can learn through experience.

The A Beka curriculum we use at Noah's Ark has a specific program for toddlers that each child will participate in.  It is a well rounded collection that continues their education on colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.  They also have a daily bible story lesson.


In our two year old classrooms, the students are first introduced to a daily schedule that involves indoor and outdoor exercise, group and individual play time, centers, and A Beka curriculum that focuses on colors and shapes, letters and numbers.  They also have a monthly bible verse that they learn to recite.  In addition to the sign language they have been learning, we introduce them to Spanish as well.

Potty training is introduced in our two year old class room.  The parents will establish guidelines and with that the teachers will help the child start a routine.  We have bathrooms inside each classroom and all bathroom breaks are supervised.


Our three year old classrooms are designed to cultivate social interaction, teach manners and decision making.  As they will soon be introduced to Pre-K, our Three year old teachers work with the students daily on refining motor skills and learning new ones, like using a pencil and scissors.

Their curriculum from A Beka focuses on phonics and how to form letters, as well as introduction to reading and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.   The three year olds participate in American History and Science each week, as well as Spanish and Sign Language.

As exercise is an important aspect to a healthy education, our three year olds enjoy inside and outside play time, along with nature activities as a part of their science curriculum.


Our comprehensive Pre-K program had been highly regarding by parents, students and teachers alike. Our students receive a well rounded and advanced curriculum that not only prepares them for the classroom but cultivates a desire for learning.

Our Pre-K students participate in a curriculum that A Beka has specifically designed for pre-kindergarten students.  Learning to read and write, with emphasis on phonics, are top priority for our Pre-K students.  A combination of science, history, sign language, Spanish, spelling and an introduction to math ensures that our students will be aptly prepared for success in kindergarten.  Our students also take a monthly field trip that introduces them to new experiences while fostering their independence. 


Kindergarten to 6th Grade

Noah's Ark offers before and after school care for our school age children.  Once they arrive at the daycare, we provide them with a nutritious snack, homework help, indoor and outdoor exercise, as well as a combination of quiet time and screen time to help them wind down after a long school day.  Art projects help cultivate creativity and group play supports healthy socialization.  Please check out our Schooler Information Page to view schools we service and more information.

We also offer an exciting summer program for our Schoolers called Summer Scouts.  Please check out our Summer Scouts page for more information and to view a calendar of events.