Waiting List

For more information about our wait list, please email us at waitlist@thearks.com or call 972-564-0488.  You can also fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

Terms and Conditions:

In addition to filling out this form, you must come in for a tour to complete your waitlist request.

There is no fee to be placed on the list.

You are placed on the wait list in order of the date you took your tour.  Once a spot becomes available, we will call in order to offer the spot.  You have 24 hours to take the spot and pay your $50 registration fee.  If you are unable to return our call within 24 hours, we will move to the next person.

If we are able to offer you a spot, and you are not ready to take it at that time, you may pass ONE TIME ONLY.  You will remain at the front of the list until another spot becomes available, if you pass a second time, we will have to remove you from the list.

You will be automatically moved up to the next age group as your child ages, you will keep your place in line, using the date on your wait list form.

If you have been on the wait list for one year without any contact, you will be removed from the list.  


Waitlist Form

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Child's Name
Child's Name
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Child's Birthdate
Please let us know when you would like to come in for a tour. Tours available 9am to 4:45pm Monday through Thursday. Can make other appointments if needed.